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Liber Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Barcelona is a very active tourism and business city. You are strongly advised to reserve your accommodation at the same time as you register for the Conference.The organization of the Congress has reserved 260 seats.

To book at one of the Conference hotels, please complete the reservation form or contact the Congress Company, Activa Congresos, at

You can see hotels location on the map.

The following hotels can be booked through Activa Congresos:

Hotels Liber 2011

Doble room for individual use 
Double room 1
Princesa Sofia  5*  Pl. Pius XII, 4  Near UPC  130,00 €  156,00 €
Husa ILLA  4*  Diagonal, 555  Between UPC and City Center  130,00 €  150,00 €
Catalonia Plaça Catalunya 4*  Bergara, 11  City Center   128,52 € 150,12 €
Husa Arenas  4*  Capitan Arenas, 20  Near UPC  118,00 €  132,00 €
Catalonia La Pedrera  4*  Còrcega, 368  City Center  97,20 €  108,00 €
Husa Pedralbes  3*  Fontcoberta, 4  Near UPC   109,00 €  125,00 €
Catalonia Rigoletto  3*  Sabino de Arana, 22-24  Near UPC   108,00 €  118,80 €
Catalonia Mikado  3*  Paseo de la Bonanova, 58  Near UPC + bus   69,00 €   79,00 €

1 Breakfast and Tax are included

Halls of residence

You can also book a room by yourself in the hall of residence that is close to the Conference Venue (Residència Torre Girona) or in the city center (Residència d'investigadors CSIC). Please note that unfortunately the pick up bus service is not available for them:

Residència Torre Girona (close to the venue)

Residència d'investigadors CSIC (city center)

Tips on sustainability
  • If you are not staying at one of the hotels recommended by the conference organisers, look for accommodation that is close to the venue so that you can reach it on foot, or that is close to the public transport network.
  • Do not change your towels daily, unless strictly necessary.
  • Set the thermostat or air conditioning system in your room to between 20 and 25 degrees, and turn it off when you leave.
  • Turn out the lights in your room whenever you leave the hotel.
  • Use water responsibly. Turn taps off when you are brushing your teeth or while you soap up; choose a shower rather than a bath and avoid changing your towels too often.